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Stories in AI

Inspiring action in Artificial Intelligence through powerful stories

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology that is changing the way we live, work and communicate. It has the potential to completely transform humanity for the better. But the work in AI is still concentrated in a few elite circles and that is problematic. For this technology to really contribute to elevating the human experience, we need more participation from everyone across the entire spectrum to use it, shape it, and contribute to it. With the Stories in AI series, we want to inspire more folks from beginners looking to get started, to practitioners looking to solve for roadblocks and experts looking for ideas to scale their AI efforts. We will explore various facets of the technology and its impact from a variety of experts and practitioners through their stories, work and experiences.

Personalizing Healthcare with Digital Transformation | Stories in AI | Milind Shah

Personalizing Healthcare with Digital Transformation | Stories in AI | Milind Shah

I spent some time with my friend Milind Shah, who leads Strategy and Digital Solutions at Elevance Health, and he drops wisdom and insights on the state of transformation in healthcare and the role of digital and AI. Take a listen, Milind blends business insights with technology applications and goes really deep in some areas! Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 03:00 Impact of AI and Healthcare 07:45 Likelihood of AI Transformation 17:00 Elevating Patient and Provider Experience 24:30 Data Delay and Decay 33:00 Personalized Doctor Match 38:30 Leveraging Ecosystems 45:00 Wrap Up About Milind: Milind has been in the healthcare industry for over 15 years now and truly enjoys having the opportunity to be a part of having an impact on the industry and truly leaving a legacy. He currently leading up Strategy & Solutions for Carelon Digital Platforms, supporting the overall vision of transforming the company, with a focus on Digital products & solutions focusing on both the Member and Provider. He is responsible for partnering across the enterprise to define the overall Digital focus aligned to the Enterprise strategic priorities, driving Carelon growth/commercialization, and identifying acceleration opportunities through strategic partnerships, while also partnering with Corp Dev on M&A opportunities. A lot of his focus currently is partnering across the Enterprise on areas like transformation through AI and looking at opportunities to leverage the robust “ecosystem” that is being invested in to help accelerate impact at scale for Elevance Health. Throughout his career, Milind has built and led teams that focus on Transformation, Innovation, and Strategy with an emphasis on Growth Strategy, M&A, Post Merger Integration, and Disruptive/Exponential Product and he’s had some great opportunities to do things like running Innovation Studios at Salesforce to being a part of the Senior Leadership team at Humana to help with several of their transformation initiatives as the company moved to focusing on their Growth Strategy. Find him at: LinkedIn:
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