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Stories in AI

Inspiring action in Artificial Intelligence through powerful stories

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology that is changing the way we live, work and communicate. It has the potential to completely transform humanity for the better. But the work in AI is still concentrated in a few elite circles and that is problematic. For this technology to really contribute to elevating the human experience, we need more participation from everyone across the entire spectrum to use it, shape it, and contribute to it. With the Stories in AI series, we want to inspire more folks from beginners looking to get started, to practitioners looking to solve for roadblocks and experts looking for ideas to scale their AI efforts. We will explore various facets of the technology and its impact from a variety of experts and practitioners through their stories, work and experiences.

AI Will Transform the Healthcare Industry | LLMs | NLP | Amir Emadzadeh | Stories in AI

AI Will Transform the Healthcare Industry | LLMs | NLP | Amir Emadzadeh | Stories in AI

Chapters: 00:00 Introduction 03:45 Where is AI Today? 08:30 Opportunity for AI in Healthcare 16:00 Healthcare Data Accessibility 23:45 NLP in Healthcare 28:00 Drug Sentiment Analysis 30:00 Can LLMs Help the Healthcare Industry? 36:00 Should We Really Pause AI? 37:30 Is ChatGPT AGI? 39:00 Wrap Up Amir's Bio: Amir Emadzadeh holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Over his 13 years of work experience, he has been granted an equal number of patents while at top Silicon Valley companies, including Qualcomm, Nvidia, and Google (Waymo). He is a Director of software in the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) at Genentech (Roche). He is also an adjunct Professor at California Science and Technology University (CSTU). Most recently, he was a Director of data science at Gilead sciences, where he led a team of data scientists and software developers dedicated to improving different aspects of clinical trials. Amir is very passionate about employing AI/ML techniques and automation to tackle pharma/healthcare industry challenges. Some of his recent work includes data-driven feasibility analysis for clinical trials (e.g., clinical trial site/investigator ranking, country assessment, diversity analysis & patient enrollment forecasting), extracting insights from clinical trial documents and sentiment analysis using NLP technology, and medical image segmentation/classification using deep neural networks. Find Amir on: LinkedIn:
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